What I eat after training

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  1. I typically throw dehydrated peanut butter in everything I make for breakfast. Makes a good thickener with some nutritional value. Peanut butter is vegan bacon.

  2. As a person who eats oats every morning as well…this is perfect! I usually add the “extra stuff” after I cook the oats only. I’ve never tried it this way…I’m definitely going to try this soon.

    Look forward to your ultra philosophy…very interested to hear that. As always, dope video.

  3. Hey Dan can you do a review of the loneleak 4 RSM’s I’d like to get your take on them if possible compared to the loneleak 4

  4. Hei Dan, greetings from Norway! I enjoy your videos so much I went back and watched them all from the first. I appreciate your genuine nature and the calmness you portray, even when the going was tough. Yes please, more videos on running ultras, food, kit (both running and camera) , the nature you experience and the all important self reflection about being a human alive in these times. I appreciate you.

  5. I do pretty much the same except that I soak it overnight as I don’t want to be cooking in the morning plus its not warm when I eat it – I also add some dried fruits like dates or plums. 😉

  6. See if you can hold of a porringer, which is like a bain-marie for porridge. You don’t have to pay attention or stir. I was bought one years ago and it’s awesome!

  7. Sounds awesome, i eat oatmeal a lot, but never thought of adding the coconut flakes, peanut butter and coconut yoghurt. Defo gonna give it a try!

  8. Oats are always my go to as well. Basically make the same but with flax seeds and blueberries or raspberries are an occasional treat. Definitely going to try cooking the banana in – I usually mash and mix in at the end of cooking. I mostly train in the mornings and also run fasted, depending on distance. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on nutrition more man.

  9. +1 for oats Dan, growing up in Ireland in the 60s it was a staple (porridge!) I never get tired of it either. Great video!

  10. Hey Dan, I’d love to see something around food with long runs or even ultras. Like what kind of food and liquids do you carry with you? What kinds of food get you through your longest runs? Great content!

  11. Dan, I absolutely love your videos. You have completely inspired me to start trail running. I’m so grateful I came across your channel! I’m also super curious how you fit a drone and your a7 III into your hydration vest or if you carry a bigger pack when you bring that stuff, would be cool if you shared that in a future video!

  12. Dan would you consider taking and posting a running video that we can run along with? A video(s) for virtual running (treadmill). I know you would capture a great video that others can enjoy. It is getting to be treadmill season for those of us in the SW US. Please? Perhaps a 30 min run?

  13. I do half cup quick oats w/one cup water in microwave for 2 minutes, add cinnamon, stir in heaping tablespoon peanut butter and generous amount of maple syrup. It’s simple to do in the office after I got in a morning jog. Hardest part is cleaning out the bowl after catching up on emails and the residue dries. Btw noticed an hour and a half passed on the clock from start to finish.

  14. Hey Dan. Yea mate, I always start the day with oatmeal. I like it because you can always use what you got laying around and mix and match it so it is never the same. I have been recently also trying not to eat before training. I find I can go longer without getting hungry. Where if i eat, then I need to keep eating while running. Have been trying to train my body, to burn fuel longer. Cheers

  15. Hey Dan. About peanut butter. Do you have sympthoms of allergy, if You eat too much of it? I feel sleepy and have red dots on my arm (triceps).

  16. YES! Thanks for this. Been enjoying eating oats for a long time and these look even better than what I’ve been making. Looking forward to making these.

  17. Great production on the video as always! Appreciate it.
    A quick question on the oats you use. I’m interested if you search for gluten-free oats due to your health issues or have you found that this is not something that affects you?

  18. I also dont eat before I run unless it’s a race. I’ve been runnning 50-55 miles a week for the past 4 weeks short run as short as 10k but usually around 10 miles with a long run on Sunday. Post run I love a oat, banana, cocoa, nut butter, ice, coconut smoothie. I’ll give this a shot though. Looks amazing! I really just love the efficiency of a smoothie. Best!

  19. I’m not into sweet stuff on oatmeal but love it with oregano, spinach, flax seed, nutritional yeast, Brazil nuts shredded, I’m not vegan so I add a bit of cheese and a raw egg that cooks for a last few minutes while it finishes up but that’s optional you should experiment with savory oatmeal it’s the bomb.

  20. This channel should have 100k subs MINIMUM super high quality and good production. Keep going the algo is going to pick you up.

  21. Just made this after a run. Tastes great! I could only eat about half though so I’ll have to adjust the quantities a little bit next time. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Been following you for a couple years now and love your videos. I find it hard to find something else like what you produce. So keep going please!

  23. Could you make the nutrition video? I’m coming into ultra’s and would love to hear your strategy with my sensitive stomach/bowels!

  24. rolled oats, chia seeds, teaspoon sri lankan cinnamon, teaspoon turmeric, pinch pink salt, crack or two of black pepper, chopped dates, almond milk. cook. then serve with one whole chopped apple and a big blob of mayvers smooth peanut butter. THE BEST. every morning. for the last year.

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