True Grit Adelaide 2019 (12km Obstacle Course Race)

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  1. Great job Grace The vid is kinda inspiring for a dude who wants to get fitter but is kinda a lazy bum i do walk alot tho i’m kind of scared to drive for some reason so i walk nearly everywhere

  2. These are the type of videos I enjoy! They inspire me to take on challenges with great determination and a whole heart. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Grace.💪🏾

  3. Grace is the next Australian Ninja Warrior. G is for Grace, R is for Rowdy, A is for Ambition, C is for Class, E is for Endurance!

  4. I like obstacle courses, I’ve done two in the Netherlands. One through the dirt 12km and one on the beach 10km, the one on the beach killed me with all that sand. Good job !

  5. Wow nice work Grace I get over how quick you are! you make that extremely difficult course look easy…. Great to see the GraceFam getting involved as well

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