Tough Mudder Vs. The Spartan Race: Which Is Right For You?

Which race series is right for you, Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race? The No Fate channel compares the two biggest obstacle course race companies to help you determine where you’ll have the most fun. I evaluate the companies based on race distance, location, obstacles, post-race gear and cost. I also give 4 quick tips on how to save money when signing up.

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So which race is right for you? Did I leave any important information out of this video? Let me know in the comments below.

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Footage Date:11/27/2017
Upload Date: 11/27/2017

About the Author: Scott Young


  1. Spartan! Why? Those very cool medals. And because I don’t want to be dependent of others to get over obstacles.

  2. I’ve done both the Mudder and Spartans. Actually running the beast next month. I personally prefer the Mudder. The Obstacles just suck more. Spartan is slightly more physical and you get your little participation trophy at the end which is why all the millennials love it but… The Mudder your just cold, wet and miserable the entire time. Spartan your just miserable but not cold and wet, depending on where and when you run. Mudder is much more mentally challenging.

  3. I’ve done a super Spartan and a Tough Mudder and Personally I like the Tough Mudder better. I think it challenges you mentally more. Through the whole race your just wet, cold and got dirt in every little spot. The Spartan is slightly more challenging physically. I’m working on my trifecta this year but after that I’ll probably be more prone to just run Mudders. Plus the atmosphere at a Mudder is a lot more fun.

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