The Truth About Jeff Cavaliere | Athlean X Live | Criticisms

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  1. I think fitness education should be free to the world.
    Though motivators and trainers should still be paid i find it ridiculous information that could help everyone be healthier is restricted by cost.
    Case in point the charles atlas program should be free knowledge at this point but some publisher with no interest in the overall health of the world wont share the knowledge without making his percentage.

  2. Science & facts > gym bro tips
    Jeff is the real deal guys without him i would be there doing dumbell flies, upright rows & behind the neck moves🤦‍♂️ he saved my joints,wrists & knees, also he helped me to prevent posture mistakes💯

  3. I do not comment much on YouTube but this is a great video. Glad you and Jeff are great friends. I love your way of calling others out when they copy Jeff. I have done a lot of Jeff’s exercises and give him credit when I post about them or tell others about it. Thanks for keeping it real

  4. I follow Jeff and one of his videos changed my outlook on the squat. Something I did not like doing and he made me understand why I hated it. Ever since then, I have increases my squat by 100 pounds. You both inspire me.

  5. Wait hunter was paralyzed?
    I want to know this hunter story.
    My spinal cord has a syrinx in it and it resulted in paralysis in my right hand. And right foot drop.If he did it and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes I’d love to know how.

  6. To me he is one if not the best in world at what he does it’s amazing and gives you best advise if u have problem or not he tells you the best and safest way to do work out with problem with joints bones etc he is who I go to to find the best info

  7. Hey, i’m not a native english speaker so i couldn’t hear what his wife’s instagram was because of how fast he speaks, anyone? (PD: if my grammar is wrong let me know uwu)

  8. For me there is Jeff, and Alan Thrall. I’m trying to figure out Calgary Barbell, anybody else seen him and any thoughts?

  9. Well, seeing as how the NY Mets haven’t won a world series in some time, how credible are his credentials? BOOM! CHECKMATE!

  10. I’ve never followed one of Jeff’s actual programs but I have utilized a lot of his techniques and exercise variations and they have helped me tremendously.

  11. When someone you respect goes out of their way to acknowledge and praise someone who inspires themselves it creates a chain that leads back into history. When you attach yourself to that chain (in any way) you can see where it came from and will show you your not alone.

  12. I came here after the Vegan Gains thrashing, and man……. this is so different. This is heartfelt and legit. I don’t know what Vegan Gains’ problem on Jeff is. Jealousy?

  13. Fortunately I don’t see much (if any) hate about Jeff on YT and on other platforms. Sure people joke about his facepulls and glute activation but nothing bad spirited. I’ve learned a lot from him as well and am always amazed at the quality and professionalism of his video’s.

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