The Secret to Running Faster | Rest Days

Have you been struggling with trying to become a faster runner? Are you constantly trying to add new ways of training and pushing yourself past your limits? What if we told you that sometimes actually taking an extra day off is what will help you out the most! Coach Morgan will go over the benefits of taking some extra rest and recovery days when you really need it during your training. We need to learn that recovery is a big part of your training. If you’re not allowing your body to recover properly then, you’re not going to be able to perform at the level that you normally can. Coach Morgan will also talk about how to make the most of your recovery days by giving you specific activities that you should be doing.

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  1. Very important information which I normally ignore while training and overdoing the runs for achieving weekly mileage sometimes , I also have issues of not sleeping more than 6-7 hours max even 15 miles weekly long run. I wake up normally early in morning … l suggest tricks for longer sleep video for runners for improving performance next time if possible .. thanks coach Morgan .. for lots of useful information everytime.

  2. from last one month…I’m taking one day off.. results are good…
    Off day – i only do warm up or stretching heavy exercise

  3. I felt. The video was kind of generic… I understand to include the beginner runner, but If you’re in pain. Most runners wouldn’t run. I love running experience. Videos. But I feel If is time to be less inclusive.and make videos targeting your Audience. Why not making videos for beginners; experience. And highly ones. You created a lot of videos. Over the years. All good. But step up a notch

  4. All the things you said, were important, and really useful, but, that dog in the back playing, sometimes took my atention. So cute 😍

  5. Hi mam, I am from India. I am good runner. I am regular two run ( morning 45min and evening 25min). But I have a little problem. I am second position in my village. But why mam? I am follow your all tips. Please help me next time I am first position in my village.

  6. This is another great video, I remember my coach back in the mid-1980s, sending me home from track training when I told him I was sore. I now modify my son’s training when he shows signs of stress, illness or injury. It’s a pity I don’t always do it myself.

  7. "Super key" tips. I was really hoping you were going to advise that we don’t go to work on rest days!

  8. rest is important, i guess we all agree. but to go faster maybe is more like resting to give quality to the other training, rest in itself makes you recover, not sure it makes you faster :). i would really love if you could make a video about breathing while running fast. and sorry i still do not like the sunglasses, very impersonal, it looks you are hiding, i understand the brightness but if we can’t see your eyes we can’t understand if you really mean it

  9. I stopped run for a while about 3 months. My mother passed away and I skipped 2 trail run races because I knew I could not overcome stress in my mind and it might be dangerous for me. Next two weeks I have to face my own fear which is a race. Wish me luck.

  10. Thanks for this amazing video! I am exactly in this situation: training for a half-marathon and taking a few days off to recover from an injury in the early phase. What you say is exactly what I needed to hear in these days, thanks!!

  11. I am exactly dealing with that. I have an ankle niggle that is not really an injury, PT told me I can run on it but listening to my body and adjusting volume and intensity….but It does not go away. I am thinking about a brake and take some rest days, but I am really scared also to geopardize the training for the hard and ambitious goal I have set for my spring marathon

  12. I think it’s great that you’re using multiple cameras to shoot – but, please, make sure they have the same white balance / colour scheme off the camera and in post! It’s so distracting having the WB and skin tones change every few seconds 😉

  13. Rest is so important! The more consecutive days I run, the worse I do. On the other hand, I can come out swinging after a rest/recovery day. So easy to push yourself too hard when you’re working towards a specific goal – it’s vital to let your body recover! Thank you so much for the awesome information/videos always and for emphasizing the importance of rest in this video 🙂 you all have been part of the reason I haven’t given up on my running goals.

  14. Perfect timing with reiterating this for me. I know this, but I have a marathon in 7 weeks, with a current slight injury. One side tells me "you need to get in the miles" the other "rest it, and it will benefit".
    Thank you for reminding me what’s really best!

  15. You need to loose the sunglasses when presenting. How often do you see experienced reporters or journalists on live tv using big ass sunglasses? Never, because you need to establish eye contact with your audience.

    Unless you are Stevie Wonder, using sunglasses this way make you look like an amateur, which judging by the rest of your presentation, you are not. In fact you appear to be quite good at what you do.

  16. I’m currently upto 3 weeks off due to recovering from pneumonia, really itching to get back out there but my back/breathing isnt there yet. Would i just build miles back up like recovering from an injury? Have a trail marathon booked the 1st of march not a key race though so will just be happy to finish it. Any tips?

  17. " Less is more" I recently found that out and now live by it. In fact my whole training philosophy is "don’t over-train" .

  18. I’m new to running. My new job has a test to run 1.5 in a certain time. Is there an app that you can put your distance and time to run it in? I’ve looked at several but only records what you do not what you need to do.

  19. I’m in my fourth week off from my knee/hip injury… starting to feel better and new shoes are ordered… less is more….

  20. As a male,
    1.should I wear a supporter while running? I am a beginner..
    2. While running,only water or water with glucose?

  21. Totally agreed! It is hard for most runners to resist the urge to have rest days, but we all know running without rest days would make us end up with injuries down the line. I feel refreshed while running after the nice and deep sleep or a rest day happily filled with foam rolling or yoga poses. Thanks a lot for sharing your golden coaching! 👍🙏😉

  22. Very important topic, thank you!! I can say I’m very lucky because whenever I’m stressed about things like work or personal life I’m absolutely not able to train at all: in that situation I’m not even able to do 1 k of running or 100 m of swimming, my mind literally stops my body.

  23. Just made my day. Time to rest! 😁

    Currently in 10k every 2 days mode training is pretty exhausting. Will try to add an extra rest day or two to 2 and see how it goes

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