Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles)

Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles). Spartan Race Jacksonville FL – all obstacles, Feb 24 2019. Run by Mack and Damer of OCR Kings. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!

Train hard and have fun (and look good too) in OCR Kings merch:

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  1. Hey,
    Great and interesting Video. We have our first Spartan Race next weekend.
    What‘s the name of the Song at 7:24? Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m looking into during a spartan race in 2020 maybe 2021 just depending on how my strength grows. What happens if you get to something, like the tire flip for example, and it’s just way too heavy and you cant flip it? Are you just out of the race or do you just try your hardest and go on?

  3. My first race was a Beast last weekend in Mulberry Florida I plan on doing the super in Jacksonville in a few months.

  4. Great video, i am registering for a spartan race this February. What do you recommend for me to start with? Never been there and my stamina is average

  5. Doing my first Spartan (the Sprint) in July 2020. Currently 290 pounds (but losing) with ZERO upper body strength; this video scares me, LOL. Guess I better learn how to do burpees!

  6. oh I always wear Choresaver gloves for my grip on bars, I get them at a Job lot next to the Planet fitness workout Center.

  7. Do you have to enter as a team, or can you do it individually? Asking because all of my friends are lazy, and I’m not getting any younger.

  8. Wow. These looks amazing and challenging. I’ll have my first Spartan Super race next year. I’m thrilled and nervous as well.

  9. this looks crazy I want to do it also I checked the website the medals look amazing by the way do you it in the UK

  10. I ran cross country before, I would love to run this course.

    I love challenges.

    My 2 mile runs in below freezing ain’t got nothing on this.

  11. Did a spartan last year in Illinois, about the same obstacles. The atlas carry is definitely a tricky one. Ball destroys ground so you are picking up ball from underneath ground level. A lot harder than what it seems.

  12. I’ll stick with the trampolines and the gym,on January 29th I’ll be 62 years young and still enjoying life, thomascbelanger is my You Tube channel I’m wearing a bandana Sky Zone Trampoline park videos and more. FanTom USA

  13. Nice one, quality footage. Been doing OCR for a season or two, 15:01 beer made me laugh… Yeah. such a culture we live. Alcohol LOL

  14. I like challenges… this definetely looks hard and fun… however, am not a sun, mud, sand person. I can walk and crawl in the mud but that part where ther had to dip their head inside the water to get to the other side… naaah

  15. Looking to do my first spartan race with my dad. Our biggest concern is rope climbing, but neither of us has the resources (gyms, etc) that offer it so we can practice. Anyone have any tips on how to train for that without actually having it to practice on?

  16. We did the Spartan this year in Ireland, we have a video on our channel for it! SURE WISH we had seen your video first!!! Check us out we used a GoPro. Brian is a Professional Video producer!

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