Spartan Race Sprint 2018 (All Obstacles)

Spartan Race Sprint 2018 (All Obstacles). Tri State NY 2018. Spartan Race Tuxedo NY – all obstacles. Tri-State Weekend, June 2, 2018. Run by Mack and Damer of OCR Kings. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!

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  1. Yesterday was the first Spartan Race I ever did in Cortland, NY, and holy cow did it kick my ass but after doing this I have mad respect for all the volunteers, the people who set this up, and everyone who took on the challenge with me. This changed me as a person forever.

  2. Thanks for sharing. After watching your video I have a better idea of what to expect and how unprepared I am to do it. lol. Keep up the amazing job you’re doing!

  3. I’m signing up for the super with 0 experience and little time to train to do this. It’s in about 3 weeks, do you have any tips?

  4. Thanks for the video! I’ll be doing my first Spartan race at Monterey around June. I’m still doubting that I can do it.

  5. Please tell us, how heavy are the buckets and bags. Need to train this stuff.
    THX for your Videos, it’s helpful!

  6. I hadn’t watched videos of Spartan Races because I had a horrible mental exaggeration of how hard the race would be…doing a Sprint with some friends in October!!! Ahhhhh! Your video and a few others really helped reduce my anxiety towards the race. It’ll be in Pampanga, Philippines. Hope I’ll get to finish strong and would love to get me some bragging rights 💪 Most anxious for my running endurance, the spear throw, and the bucket so I hope to incorporate exercises for those into my current training routine. Thanks for the vid!

  7. 100 days to my first Spartan. 45years old, Weigh 17.5st today, can just about jog a mile in 10 mins. This is inspiring!!! Thanks

  8. Oh wow this looks challenging. I am thinking of doing a spartan sprint. Hmm….we shall see. I need a lot of practice with rope work and throwing spear. How long did you train for this one? I am guessing 30 burpees if someone can’t complete the obstacle right?

  9. nice race, I am about to complete my 3rd True Grit obstacle race here in Perth

    its 10km (6.3 miles) with 30 obstacles some similar to these, GOOD TIMES , aiming for Sub 1 hour time

  10. I’m totally unfit… I sighed up for one of these in GA .. I have less than 4 months to train .. think I can do it?

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