Spartan Obstacle Hack – Multi Rig Tip #2

Spartan Obstacle Hack – The Multi Rig Side Traverse

The Side Traverse is a great technique that works equally well on either the rings section of the Multi Rig or the Monkey Bars. By working sideways and using a two handed traverse, you can minimise the overall time spent hanging from the rings with one arm and maximise your overall grip. You will also be surprised with how well this works in wet, muddy and slippery conditions.

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  1. This is a VERY helpful video for folks who might be having difficulty with the ring portion of the multi. I am an older Spartan with some pretty serious arthritis in my left shoulder. Doing the rings in the standard free swinging orangutan style puts far too much stress on my shoulder and is quite painful. Doing the side traverse as shown in this vid (we call it "flex hang" because of the flexing of the arms) is the ONLY way I can cross rings/multi-rig. I lead with my stronger arm and have had 100% success after discovering this technique. (I easily cross monkey bars -and the Beater- with the same sideways technique.) May I suggest one refinement for the side traverse rings: as the lead hand reaches and grabs the next ring, give a pull back as soon as it’s secured. That creates continual forward momentum as the rear hand comes up to match the lead hand and the lead hand then reaches for the next ring.

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