Running a Spartan Race with NO Training?!

I’m a Runner not a Spartain! That means I have absolutely no upper body strength. Could you do a Spartain Race with no training? Sure. Would I recommend it? Watch the video to find out! Theme music courtesy of

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  1. I wouldnt recommend doing this. You can get seriously injured if you dont train first. I recommend training. Pushups. Sit ups. Jog. Pull upz.

  2. You dont need special training at all for this shit. Just do a normal workout 3 to 5 days a week. Stop being a bitch and go run.. simple as that. If you have heart you can do anything. Spartan race is super easy and fun. love them shits

  3. Haha. Nice job! I’m in a similar position. I signed up for the NJ ultra, but an injury has kept me from training for the past few months. I’m going to be SO undertrained.

    Nevertheless, it’ll be a fun time and that’s what it’s about.

  4. Awesome doing the spartan race with no training. I plan on doing the spartan races this summer and want to record it also. What type of camera and mount did you use?

  5. In spartan canada we climb ski hills, and it’s easy to pick out those who didn’t train … A lot of puking and stretchers

  6. Bro congrats , hell of fun I always saw it like a jungle gym for adults.. but how much to do course and is it timed or just complete at your pace.. great video. Keep it up.

  7. Good job! I’m more of a runner also. My fiancé and I are addicted to it and we don’t train! It’s something fun to do and to try and convince others to do lmao! Great video.

  8. Hey, my dad was in this race as well. I don’t think you guys started at the same time, but he was at that same place with me that day.

  9. I did it for my first time at saraland al with no training and I only had to do burpees 3 times but it was really fun I’m thing about doing super but I’m going to train for that one lol

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