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  1. I’m also a Spartan Runner. New to the game but i’ve been watching all your videos on how to run these endurance races and OCR videos on the different ways to tackle each obstacle. Keep it up.

  2. We were there last Saturday with a 9:30am start. I wish we saw you so we can at least shake your hand and thank you for your vlogs.

  3. 9:23 Good thing to Remind the Camera Dude to get Your Good side. When I ran this In Pennsylvania, I was at Iron Curtain and Knew where the Drop was, I noticed a Camera dude at the exit of the Iron Curtain. I motioned him by waving Him down and Point at him, the Camera, and Me. Which meant “Hey(Wave) Think you(Point At dude) Can take picture(Point at Camera) Of Me?(Point at myself) he knew what I motioned and he nodded. After I leapt in I looked at The Lens and did the Rock and Roll sign on both hands. Saw myself on the highlights when I got my photos and it was there!! Just goes to show Remind someone with a Camera to get your good side. Do you do a “3, 2, 1,” sign to the Camera before you roll often?

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