Rugged Maniac 2019 (All Obstacles) – Pennsylvania

Rugged Maniac 2019 (All Obstacles) – Pennsylvania

Altra Superior 4.0–
Altra Kings MT 1.5 —
Altra Lone peak 4.0–
Altra Escalantes 1.5 (road)–
2xu tights–
Quick silver board shorts–
Mudgear Socks–
Low-rise Mudgear Socks–
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Salt Tabs–
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  1. That run was great man! Ran same day as you, here’s how I did on each one:

    Before the start of my Wave: one of the new people I met said about the song on the speakers and at the end of your video after the slide: “It’s from Dr Who, it’s the 11th doctor” and suggested I watch the series, to be honest, I actually watched a Bit(season 4 Is where I am RN) I then talked to 2 people if this was their first time at RM(It was!)
    after the horn we began!

    Before the barricades(No1) There was a lot of stairs I had to go up and down 2 of those.

    1: I said “Parkour!” As I moved over the barricades(From the Office If you can’t tell it was a Reference)

    2: Was pretty decent, did a Up N over at the top.

    3: I had a strategy to this: When I pulled the rope and got a good distance, I sat down while holding on to the Chain. I did it because I wanted to store Power in the arms and moved it up all the way.

    Got a Nice draft on the Straightaway

    4: I pressed my feet on the wall and slid them up while pulling on the wood. It was pretty easy in my opinion.

    5: I had “Sweatyfingers” it’s basically my saying of Butterfingers And you guessed it, I got wet and fell in

    6: One of my Favorite obstacles, I almost rushed it like you but I tripped on the last one

    Also on that Hill I had trouble on that Cuz I had to find my footing to not slip up but once I got to the top I slid down it like a slide

    7: that was a nice way to cool off, I heard someone say “Ugh why is this mud all in me?!” While I was in there And with my best office persona I said “Ahh that’s what she said!” The guy laughed and said “Good one!”

    Also since it got all muddy in the forest, I smelled it and said “Hey it smells like pigs took a sh*t in here!”

    8: I slipped multiple times upon trying to get over😂🤣 like that person in the video with the red shirt but hey I got over one!

    9: I had a Tactic for these low crawls: I lied on my stomach and my hands were on my chest and I touched off with the ground while I glided in the water and ducking my head under the wires, it’s basically a mini Doggo paddle

    10: a Fun one, I didn’t run tho cuz of the Mud(As you can see per the lines) but I was a Fingernail’s Length close of hitting that bell although I got to the end, did you do a Bruce lee Scream as you pulled that Kick off?(That was pretty epic man!👍🏻)

    11: I said “Watch your step” to some people and there was a Phrase called “Charge first ask questions later but the people Behind me charged in and I was instantly like “Maybe it should be ask questions first, Charge in later” they laughed. there was a Photographer there(Idk if he was they’re when u ran or not)

    12: I found it strange despite me doing that same obstacle again.

    13: Was really fun, I let my momentum forward for down and backward for up when I went over those hills

    14: same tactic as 9

    15: practiced these at my gym I go to, was pretty EZ, also that Guy tho on the Sled🤣

    16: was tough, fell once but hey, I made it also it was pretty hot there since it was black paint and black stuff tends to get hot faster!

    17: one of my other favorites, I said the Parkour Phrase over every single one.

    18: I’m not a Flipper btw😅 and when I went to the net I said “Hubbadah!” And went down afterwards

    19: I had pretty long legs from Running Cross-Country at my high school so the gap was No problem.

    20: Made up the slope first try, was EZ

    21: I actually made that, when I got halfway I pulled the bars down and continued.

    22: I made the joke to a person in the obstacle. I said “I got a Good joke for ya” he said “What is it?” I said “When someone’s single” and slid right through the tunnel at the end, he laughed and when he came out I said “You just gotta slide into those DMs” we laughed too hard.

    23: Made that *First Try*

    24: was a Nice climb, I was also Holding on for the slide cuz *A lot* of people were on there

    25: I did a Big Finish which I yelled “YOLOOOOOOOOO” all the way down and I see I’m not the only one that uses the “Parkour!” Phrase🤣 also that was the 11th doctor’s theme you were hearing from dr Who my friend mentioned at 10:53, it was a Really REALLY Fun Race👍🏻

  2. Nice! I just finished the one in Temecula and it was awesome! Some different obstacles but I think your race looked like a lot of fun! We didn’t have the fire hurdle and a couple others but still good times!

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