Robert Downey Jr: the Avenger that owns LLAMAS?!? | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Graham Norton chats through Robert Downey Jr’s farm animals and his collection of llamas, goats and chickens.

Together on Graham’s sofa tonight, the stars of new fantasy adventure Dolittle, Iron Man Robert Downey Jr and Oscar-winner Emma Thompson. Also actor Hugh Laurie, who appears in The Personal History of David Copperfield, Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam, director of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 26 Episode 15 | BBC

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  1. A lot of American celebrities own llamas because there’s a tax loophole that allows owners of llamas to pay no property taxes….so in reality Robert Downey is a tax cheat!.

  2. 1:50
    RDJ: In an almost cooing tone oh my god that is our newest one and his sweet name is Flash
    Graham: He really looks like he is possessed by the devil

    🤣 🤣 🤣

    Emma Thompson’s expression and reaction is probably similar to mine 😅 😅
    Btw I’ve never this early to a video before only 850 views 😊
    Thanks for the likes

  3. Nice to hear this about him. THERE MUST be a strain of decency in him. I did bump into him once in Malibu, on the beach, when all his sci-fi Flying Rocket Hero stuff" re-boot fame was at its height??? …anyway, their children’s soccer ball had come my way, & and I tossed it back over.. He approached me with a sincere TX U, ( & a Big Ass ear to ear smile w/ the damnedest whitest teeth I hv ever seen!). So 2 points to Downey.! There IS good in all. A Rescue Sanctuary and the cash to kp it going,…must be heaven. 😁 Can’t say the the same for Sting, w/ a "smoking 2 cigs at once?", Courtney Love & his trout mouth/ rubber lipped wife, Trudy just watching this baby harp seal die on the beach in front of his deck. I ran up, raised voice: "it" s NO time to tk family pics w/ an ill animal" pls. call Animal Rescue"… fell on dead ears & blank, uncaring faces. They retreated back to their wine on the porch, while I called "HEAL THE BAY" a marvelous rescue group, who came & helped save this lil’ beached, sickly seal. I sold my Sting CD’s on Ebay that w,/end. Damn heartless, SMUG, "too rich for reality", overly blessed being(s)! But again, "BRAVO"TO ROBERT DOWNEY – cont’d luck w/ sobriety and helping a bit in this, OUR world.

  4. "Awww that’s Montgomery, named after your great general" aka Bernard ‘Monty’ Montgomery, aka the Spartan General. In case you were wandering.

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