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  1. I think there needs to be a mixture of: difficult obstacles you need to specifically train for, strength obstacles that reveal basic strength and obstacles that are a little fun intended to slow you up. I put Helix in this last category. Great breakdown of how to do so its fun and not a frustrating "WTF do I do" moment. Great job guys!

  2. I love spartan races I think they’re great but what’s annoying is how to train for these type of obstacles without access to them or through experience

  3. The far side of the line to the right of where you went had a bit of a tricky surprise to it. I think the accidently mounted the plexi panel on the bottom, and it was one that tilted bottom out. I had a WTF moment when I got to it. It added a little more complexity to it.

  4. Good video. What is your toughest or most memorable obstacle to date? Mine is a 20ft peg board wall. (Mud hero 10k). It felt so high and crazy dangerous.

  5. Thanks for sharing the new obstacle. Doing my first Super in one week. Appreciate all your videos & commentaries! Really helpful to reduce anxiety.

  6. Did you notice that two of the lanes were configured differently? They had the panel tilted out and the top portion was covered with the plexiglass, blocking off the hand holds. There were two options: go low with hands and feet on the lower inverted panel, or stay high and grab the edges, then swing yourself across, effectively skipping the whole panel.

    This "alternate" setup did catch a lot of people by surprise.

  7. Love seeing OCR Companies building/creating new obstacles. They still need to change/create new ones, but not taking this new one for granted. Thanks for making this top shelf video as usual *thumbs up*

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