Muscle Recovery | 5 Ways to Reduce Soreness

“I tell my athletes put the same effort into recovery that you do into your training session in order to maximize the benefits, prevent injury and recover faster.” – Jeff Sydes, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

As Lead Sports Performance Specialist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Coach Sydes uses specific tools and strategies to help student-athletes recover from intense practices, competition or workouts. These five steps are designed to reduce muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process.

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  1. Great video! One of the ways I recover after a heavy workout or cardio session is with my percussion massage gun, I use to suffer from soreness but not anymore!

    Got mine at

  2. How da fuck am I gonna get 8-10 hours sleep in the military -_- i know it’s like 4-5 hours sometimes even less…I don’t think I can do this 😂

  3. I’m a professional swimmer, once I had a really painful back just from working out so much, I really recommend rolling on a tennis ball, it will terribly hurt, but will help sooo much

  4. I did 200 hundred jumping jacks yesterday, 50 striders, 200 squats, and ran a mile, then today I did 30 jumping jacks, 30 striders, and ran a bunch, my legs hurt SO INCREDIBLY BAD!

  5. 1. Sleep (8-10 hours)
    2. Self Massage (Foam Rollers)
    3. Stretching
    4. Hydrotherapy (Cold to hot shower)
    5. Nutrition

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