Knee Pain? Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do NOW. Treatments & Exercises.

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do NOW for Knee Pain. Treatments and Exercises. Make sure to like us on FaceBook

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  1. I don’t know what’s wrong with my knees. They sound like there is gravel in them. Steps are hard, and even sitting down in a chair requires the use of my arms because of the pain and mostly because I feel like they are giving out from under me. I’m only 52. I am over weight. Is this something that loosing weight will help with? It it caused by overweight? Also diluted apple cider vinegar helps the next day, and too much sugar messes them up more.

  2. I have a meniscus tear. Was recommended surgery. Decided to put it off and the knee began to freeze up with agonizing pain. Started using crutches then found your channel about exercising for meniscus tear 2 weeks ago. Still have pain and swelling but not as severe since doing the exercises. Should I do the exercises every day….every other day….or alternate exercises every other day? How many reps? It is really helping me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. I’ve had two acl repairs and can’t move faster than a fast walk. Could you do a video on how to strengthen that area so my everyday life is less painful

  4. My knee keeps popping out anytime I need to brace my step laterally it swells up about softball size everytime this happens. Any advice?

  5. do you have an email or phone number i could call and ask someone about some ankle pain? i rolled my right ankle 2 yrs ago. it healed really fast and i started using it again, when it started hurting a few months later, i went to my dr, he sent me for an MRI, the mri was reviewed by an ortho surgeon – he said surgery would be VERY complicated and to try PT and a brace. so i did. but the PT HURT and reaggravated things. and they put me in a custom insole that had a very high arch. that high arch kept my foot in a position where even walking hurt as it rolled my foot up and outward a bit and placed pressure on the tendons. i believe it is my peroneal tendons in both legs that are inflamed, and the peroneal brevis has the greatest pain in my right ankle. im trying ice, homeopathic remedies, compression socks, a magnetic brace that sends heat thru my ankle, bracing, etc. but the thing is i was at a place where i was walking with NO PAIN and then this stupid exercises from the PT and the insole made it all worse again. obviously ive discontinued the use of those but rehabbing now is CHALLENGING because we lost insurance. i need help, am scared, and i cry off and on thru the day because i need a wheelchair. i just turned 40, am in the best shape of my life, dont drink or smoke and eat completely clean. i do some vitamin supplements and use natural sweeteners like stevia. i do drink coffee. but i drink a lot of water a day, and am staying off my feet as much as possible. but they just HURT SO MUCH all the time. :((((( could someone connect with me? im so scared!! i have kids and i want to play with them! even if i never work out again i just want to be able to move around without pain.

  6. I’m a primary care provider & I hear about peoples aches and pains daily.  The vast majority are caused by poor condition of the body but that advice is poorly accepted among the general public.  I’ll spend 10 minutes explaining basic self care interventions but everyone wants MRIs, prescriptions,  and surgery referrals……  Im glad folks are listening to you guys!

  7. I’ve been watching for a month now, and I’ve learned more from you guys than my physical therapist, that I pay 35 bucks per visit.

  8. "The Facebook "😁 I love it!
    Hilarious guys! I’m going to watch all your videos, very informative! Liked and sub’d

  9. These guys crack me up, but as far as helpful information? A big no. Everything they recommend either does no good, or causes more pain. Watch for entertainment value only.

  10. Love you guys. I’ve had 2 meniscus surgeries on my right knee. Now always painful behind and inside the knee. Can’t bend all the way and worse if walking and standing. Biking seems to help. Sometimes the whole calf hurts. Do the same exercises? Where can massage for relief?

  11. Please. How what you suggest for someone with Ehlers Danlose Syndrome. Iv asked several times on different videos of yore’s and you seem to ignore me. Perhaps your just busy.
    I can push my kneecap to the outside of my leg. Is that the sort of range of motion you suggest? Funny how you say. “One problem you may be having.” But don’t ever seem to get to any other problem people may be having. No subsections for those of us who have to much range of motion. I think your videos are severely lacking. You seem to only care and cater to one type of patient. I’d petty myself if I was referred to either of you. 🙁

  12. Thanks guys. Tight quads and hip flexors,tight IT band,weak glutes are at the root of many of these knee problems.I don’t understand why strengthening the quads with straight leg lifts helps ,when tight quads are often the cause.

  13. You guys have no idea how much your show helps me. I have had spondylothesis since I was a teen. Ive had two knee replacements. Ive been in falls car wrecks so my neck is messed up, broke my back in 2 places driving off a cliff, broke my wrist slipping on ice, been beat in the head and had a concussion. I dont like opioids. So I need you guys’ show plus ice, heat, tens unit and NSAIDS. I get sciatica or something like it…and those stretchs helped me so much!!!!

  14. I just discovered you guys while searching and thus creating playlist for educating diagnosing, remedying and understanding WTH is going on with my left knee? MY problem is an intermittent recent swollen knee ands sometimes foot. It’s pissing me off as my livelihood depends on my legs. I’m not old enuff for certain diagnoses but pretty certain issue was aggravated by an activity where I overextended, compounded by external emotional issues awaiting resolution, hence, interrupting my bodies naturally balanced and problem free system. BAK to YOU fellas whom have added Hope, Joy and laffs and Eff likes on FB….. YOUR LOVED right here in SANTA CRUZ COUNTY CALIFORNIA

  15. Damn I’ve had knee pain for 4 months and watch your channel all the time. I had to go in the time machine to see this one! Thanks guys you are helping so much.

  16. Bob and Brad are golden! On vacation today when severe pain struck in my knee for no good reason. After hours of torture, unable to walk I turned to the famous PTs. Tried all the suggestions and stood up and walked like it never happened. I think I had the junk in the knee syndrome and the one trick put it back in place. Cant thank you enough. ❤️

  17. I used a cane and walker TEMPORARILY until I could heal. It worked. (Edit) I’d like to add, people said I had been FAKING the pain because I quit using the aids – why are people so resistant to the fact that healing IS possible??!! I have Muscular Dystrophy (verified by muscle biopsy) that has been in remission for TEN years, thanks to a Naturopathic Doctor. Never, ever give up – you never know what the next day may bring!

  18. Wrapping the knee was a good idea to get it in our heads that we are using the cane on the side opposite of the injured knee. I was sent home with knee brace (immobilizer) and crutches (possible torn meniscus and MCL). I switched to a cane because the crutches seemed difficult for me with cerebellar ataxia and right-sided weakness, but after 3 days of pain, I was thinking to go back to the crutches today. Then I saw your video and realized I was using the cane wrong. Big difference! Thank you!

  19. I used this product to get rid of my knee pain! Its a knee stabilizer. It will help you through your daily activity and prevent any further damage to your knee.
    Also try to reduce dairy, gluten and sugar from your diet to heal it faster! Try it you wont regret it!

  20. Hey a general point: why don’t you guys start doing workout routines like you might see on Fitness Blender or HASFIT? I think you would get millions more hits.

  21. Thanks bb for putting this out there. About to have an operation for a torn meniscus, all this could have avoided that, but will certainly help with the recovery and avoidance in future. Cheers guys.

  22. I recently started using a cane when I really need it and when it comes to which side I use it on I think using it on the opposite side is useful most of the time, but using it on the same side as the affected leg is most helpful when my hip is also having problems, not just my knee. It can also be useful to have it on the side affected while standing to provide balance on that side if you don’t want to put pressure on that leg.

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