keto day 239 | Keo Low Carb Meal Prep | Fitster Week 12

Check out a new meal prep for 4-5 days. Check out my non scale victories this week!
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  1. Lol !! Im so happy for you ! Congratulations on all these non scale victories 🏆
    Its wonderful when others notice and take the time to mention it 😇
    I need to get back into meal prep.
    I love MFP – I load my own too. I’ve had it for years so my database is pretty large.
    I love salt in mine too !
    Yum , taco salad 🍴
    Your containers are great ! I like that their glass.
    I started with the yogurt and drink mix this week – so good.
    Everything looks great !
    Blessings 🌈

  2. Hi Doll found you off Domestic Diva channel. I love crossbodys for travel too. Jus subbed ☑️ and cheering you on your awesome journey. #lovabletotes Come by and say hi

  3. I love meal prep! I honestly find it saves a ton of time overall since I don’t even think about what I’m eating for the rest of the week and it only takes like 3 hours on Sunday. CONGRATS staying on track all 7 days!!! I used to get those cheese whisps when I would make salads. I haven’t made a salad in a while tho… 😅

  4. Looking slimmer Lisa that is for sure Lisa it’s one thing I just can’t do is meal prep but I’m a big fan of Greek yogurt as well MINT

  5. Good that the keto is working for you Lisa…you seem really adept to it. Kept the carbs under 20 for 7 days…wow…..why do I get a headache when I do that ? Good for you on your compliment. Oh those tiny little Haas avocados !!! Gotta get you some large Florida avocados !!! 🙂 You know I love my Greek Yogurt

  6. Man. Just found your channel and I love your attitude. Good luck on this journey and I’ll be subscribed for now on.

  7. Miss seeing all of our lovely keto family! I’ll be popping in more frequently as life is calming down! I need marbles…. lost most of miine… ol

  8. 7 days! Say it again and again! I hit snooze on the supplement alarm if I’m busy. It’s gone off on the way home before and had to hit snooze like 4 times. LOL
    I always enjoy your meal prep. Thank you for taking the time to record that for us!

  9. Don’t you just love it when random people give you compliments! You ARE looking good!!! And so many NSV’s! Keto on!

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