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I took part in the 2018 Spartan Super race that was hosted near Atlanta this year. I had already done the Sprint this year, and still have the Beast coming up in November. And even though I had trained properly and kept a manageable pace, and handled the obstacles well, I found myself near death once the race was over!


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  1. Is this a condition? or can it affect anyone? The only thing I’ve delt with is locked up muscles, but then I discovered mustard and it helps. I don’t eat carbs or sugar, though i will eat a banana before a race then once the body burns through that it is back to burning fats. I’ll be in Spartanburg for the Sprint. I am not ready for a beast yet. I’m just a casual.

  2. That was the one in Conyers, GA right? If so, I did that Sprint the day before you guys. It was actually my first Spartan race ever. I’ve done 2 more since then.
    I failed the Hercules Hoist there too.

  3. Okay, wait, is this something unique to you Stephen or is this common? You all recovered? Because you looked pretty bad and now I’m worried. O_O

    I follow a guy on Instagram who runs marathons and he’s really big on preparation and getting a team behind him, real important part of the process.

  4. What you have to watch is also your salt intake. You loose a lot of salt (sodium) while sweating. Keep gels and salt sticks with you at all times. Sodium/magnesium. Research GU gels and salt sticks. Don’t ever run a Spartan without them and the mustard packets.

  5. can somebody explain to me what happen to him? Just so that i know if I ever try these event and be prepare for them. I know he said he crash, but i dont understand what that mean cause i havent experience it yet

  6. I’m going in the Spartan Super next September and this is one of the main things I’m worried about. I did a Tough Mudder this past summer and right near the end I started to crash until another competitor gave me an extra protein bar they had. Like you, I wasn’t really tired, but I started getting the shakes and had trouble keeping my balance. Once I ate the protein bar, I was much better. I’m going to make sure I don’t rely on the snacks provided but bring stuff the next time.

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