How to Run Properly for Beginners

This video is about how to run properly for beginners, using these 5 “must-follow” steps!

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About the Author: Scott Young


  1. Just discovered you guys. Great stuff. I am disappointed that the link for the two week program doesn’t work…is there a new link?

  2. Apologies for the unusual question, but what mic do you use? The quality of sound is amazing! BTW, love your videos, watch one after another pretty much))

  3. Thanks so much for your videos. They are helping me so much. I am getting into running again after a 20 year hiatus. My daughter (16) loves running and so it is a great way to spend time with her. We are heading out each day with the couch to 5K app and getting ready to run our first 5K together 🙂 The tips in this video were invaluable. I will add the knees up, butt kicks and arm pumps to our warm up. Thank you so much for your support. With gratitude, Melissa

  4. Have a passion to jog but knees arn’t cooperating. The swell and then I’m having to rest a few days so I feel like the further I get the more behind I get. Trying to stay encouraged but some days it feels like my dreams of jogging is not possible.

  5. This video was a huge help, I’m always looking to improve my form and run as efficiently as possible – Thank you!!!

  6. I started toward running in January 2018. I had a lot of weight to lose. (Have succeeded!) Anyway, I just bought a pair of running shoes and built up from walking > fitness walking > jogging > something resembling running – now 5-6 miles. I just did what came naturally, no coaching or instruction. This video showed me how my long yoga practice gave me a lot of the conditioning that supported moving from walking to running. What a discovery to love it beyond any possible expectations. At the age of 64.

    I found your channel looking at transition to zero drop shoes because I quickly developed a neuroma. That series, and this one, gave me so much useful information that I wish I had tuned into earlier.And I learned about drills. Yay!

    I look forward to viewing more. Your presentation is impeccable and I echo the comments about the quality of the sound in the beautiful outdoors.

    I LOVE that you are filmed in the bay area. I run in Cesar Chavez park near the Berkeley Marina. It is a great area with the Bay Trail along 80-580, the pedestrian overpass and Aquatic Park.

  7. Proper running form is not running at all. Who is still stupid enough to run for fitness? There are untold numbers of studies that prove running is terrible for losing weight and it’s terrible on your body and your joints. It’s literally the worst form of exercise on planet Earth.

  8. Great video on good tips to remember! I have been sprinting for quite some time but never knew that these same marching band form techniques applied to running. 😀

  9. im a beginner but i run a bit as if im 60kgs but would u pls help me how to run a 800m race in the span of 2:00 or 2:20 sec like that…🙋🤔

  10. Great video it really helps being new to distance running. One Question I have is I would like to add the drills you suggested to my shorter run sessions. Do you think it would be more effective to complete the drills before or after the short run?

  11. Hi
    I am affected heavy shin pain due to skipping and running. Pls confirm it will cause fracture.
    What should I do next and pls help me to recover from this.

  12. Great explanation in your video. Although I´m not a beginner I learned a lot. Now running feels faster and more like flying. Before it was more like stomping the ground. The muscles on the back side of my body now hurt more, too. With the faster cadence it´s me against my cardio again.

  13. "the harder I have to work, that’s where I want to live"
    Thank you, for sharing your knowledge and experience!
    Definitely will put your tips and instructions into practice!

  14. Great advice to build your stamina. I have done several marathons using the 10:1 method. Some , including me feel you can get better overall times using this method, using the walk breaks, since you do not get overly fatigued. The walk breaks help your body to recover, so you don’t bonk at the end of the race.

  15. Thank u alot for ur amazing tecnics
    This video was great fir me
    I have always 2 problems when im running first is pain in ankels second is i cant breath easily even when i do all tips for breathing
    I will try ur tecnics hope become better☘️🏃🏻‍♀️

  16. Nate. I just wanted to say thank you. You have really helped me tremendously. I have come farther than I thought I would be.

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