How to Conquer the Olympus Wall in a Spartan Race. NC FIT CLUB

The Olympus wall can be a challenging obstacle in the Spartan Race, especially the first time you see it. Here are some tips and tricks on getting to the bell!

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About the Author: Scott Young


  1. My 1st Spartan at West Point last year I made it through Olympus. This year in Tuxedo NY, only made it half way. I know they switched the course up. Thanks for the tips. I can practice for the Long Island Sprint.

  2. I failed the Olympus wall at the Portland Sprint yesterday… I was thinking along with developing my grip strength and dropping a few pounds Im gonna work on my core strength as well … It seems in order to keep my body tight and high on the wall I will need some abb strength training..Thanks for the tips ..great vid!

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