How can we minimize post workout soreness?

Stretching is a great way to minimize post workout soreness. Using ice packs and massaging sore muscles also can help with any sore spots. Premier Health Physical Therapist, Greg Schultz, talks more about how to minimize post-workout soreness. #Conditioning

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  1. I don’t care about the soreness. I just want a way to where I can recover faster from the soreness so I can workout again

  2. Arms and chest hurt like a bitch but I ain’t stopping working out
    If you move it will hurt less and take a shower with muscle salt

  3. Can i ask questions sir..
    Last day It was my first gym work out then a few days after that my muscle such as arm is painful.. To the point i can’t straight it properly ,is that a normal?
    Need urgent comment sir

  4. The soreness later on is from delayed onset muscle soreness from microscopic muscle fibers being damaged from the load being placed on it from working out, not from lactic acid (technically just lactate)

  5. This vid is a guy taught from big pharma with lies,,never touch a sore muscle as much as you want to will heal twice as fast

  6. Never ever touch the muscles as your irritating it while body is healing it and will take longer,idiots taught from big pharma to buy drugs, never touch soreness commen sense, ,goes with tennis elbow since always massage it disrupt body healing never touch it since a scratch need to itch type thing leave it alone so it can heal

  7. Who else is done with there first week of going to a gym with a personal trainer and hurting so bad you can’t sleep wondering what u got my self back into. Reason why I haven’t gone to a gym in years

  8. I can’t even stretch out my left arm all the way and my pecs are sore too so I think ima need protein shakes

  9. I literally did a circuit work out for twenty minutes and In so sore. Thats what I get for not moving my body for 18 years

  10. It’s so damn annoying because only one arm and one leg seem to be actually sore and the others are just fine and mislead me into typically thinking I’m fine until I use my sore arm and leg lmao

  11. My arm is so painful and sore for 3 days after I did a excessive amount of lifting. 😲but this video really did helped😂😂

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