Spartan Kitchen | Garlic Pepper Scramble

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Spartan Kitchen | CLIF Burrito Bowl | Spartan

What you put in your body is just as important as how you train your body. Pre and post-meals are vital for reaching your full potential. CLIF Builder’s Bars are a great... Read more »

Easy Inexpensive Chinese Food Meal Prep

Easy meal prep for good healthy food ,Chinese style. These are examples of our pack meals for while we are in training season for Spartan Races and other competition. Enclosed are Chinese... Read more »

What I Eat In a Day | CrossFit Day of Eating Ep. 37

What I eat in a day. Full day of eating and training, day 55 on Keto. Iv’e added Tofu into the mix and I honestly love it! Send me more recipe ideas... Read more »

S2E4 4am workout and food

Waking up at 4am to get a workout in. Did 50 set of stairs. thank you for all the feedback. getting a good protein and veggie breakfast in. Read more »

Spartan Kitchen | Apple Muffins

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Spartan Kitchen | Sesame Pineapple

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Down and Dirty Detox Smoothie | Spartan

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Food Of The Week | Cantaloupe Smoothie

Cantaloupe is the summer fruit of all summer fruits. Made up of 90% water, and with just 50 calories per cup, cantaloupe fights offf dehydration and is packed with other nutrients including... Read more »

NPC Bikini Prep Memoirs l EP2 l Meal Prep With Me

In Episode 2 of NPC Bikini Prep Memoirs, I go over my nutrition plan 11 weeks out for my NPC Bikini Competition. We cover physique check-in’s, macro-nutrients, and carb cycling. Be sure... Read more »