Food of the Week | Peppers | Spartan Race

Spartan Up! Sign up now: They can be mixed in a salsa, a salad, or eaten raw. Peppers range from mild to downright unbearably hot. AROO!!! Follow us: Read more »

Racing Weight 1

Racing Weight 1 Read more »
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Food of the Week | Kale | Spartan Canada

Spartan Up! Sign up now: Kale is a Spartan-tough vegetable. It can grow through ice, is packed with nutrients, and low in calories. AROO!!! Read more »

Health is Wealth Fitness Challenge

1st week of the fitness challenge run by Charge fitness will be complete tomorrow. I have to say that I am very pleased with the training provided too. I see myself staying... Read more »

Keto Race Fuel

How to make a Keto friendly gel to use in endurance events that gives a mix of fats and carbs and doesn’t kick you out of Ketosis Read more »

Nutrition is key | Body Spartan Keto Diet Nutrition is key, which is why every single Body Spartan Program comes with a full, custom keto diet plan. You can spend hours in the gym but if you’re nutrition isn’t... Read more »

Boku Superfood (Super Foods, Healthy Super Foods) Boku Superfood

(Super Foods, Healthy Super Foods) Boku Superfood Raw maca best superfoods for weight loss healthy diet meal plan for men health and nutrition live superfoods raw food recipes super foods... Read more »

ChixKeto: My Ketogenic Diet (Re)Beginning

Welcome to a very personal part of my life – the ketogenic diet. Yes, I am a HuGE supporter of being in ketosis. The American food pyramid is flawed. Keto on my... Read more »

30 Day Vlog – Day 9 Keto, Spartan Training & Single Dad Life

Day 9 of My 30 Day Vlog Challenge! I survived another day training for my Spartan Race, having fun with my 2 daughters this summer and balancing my Fit2Fat2Fit brand. Today we... Read more »

Spartan Roasted Power Plate| Spartan

Fuel up with this nutritious plate of food. Simple. #spartaneats Ingredients: Garlic, onion, kale, red pepper, olive oil, salt, paprika, chickpeas, egg whites, feta Sign up now: Follow us: Read more »