Hurricane Heat Gear List | Castaic HH-125 | Spartan Race

Spartan Up! Sign up now: The storm is coming to Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, 32132 Castaic Lake Drive, Castaic, CA 91384 . Krypteia Dingo Dominguez delivers the gear list for... Read more »

PopTalk: Hardcore training in 'Spartan Obstacle Course Camp'

Aired (January 27, 2018): Spartan Race, a combination of marathon running and cross fit, is the world’s largest obstacle course. Will Tonipet and his reviewers be able to complete all the challenges... Read more »

Food of the Week | Kale | Spartan Canada

Spartan Up! Sign up now: Kale is a Spartan-tough vegetable. It can grow through ice, is packed with nutrients, and low in calories. AROO!!! Read more »

How Gymnasts Build Huge Muscles (JACKED GYMNASTS!)

Build muscle without a single piece of equipment here Gymnasts are known for having ripped, muscular bodies (especially their upper body and arms). But what is the reason for this? In... Read more »


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O-U-T – Spartan Ohio Beast 2015

O-U-T – Spartan Ohio Beast 2015 Read more »

How A Top Spartan Race Athlete Stays Motivated | Amelia Boone

Amelia Boone is the TOP female Spartan Race and Endurance athlete in the world. Today, she is going to give you insight on how she as a top spartan race athlete stays... Read more »

What gear should you bring on Spartan Race? + Final Training Session

We picked up all of the food and nutrition we’ll be bringing with us during the Spartan Ultra. I also shortened my last training session a little to make sure my body... Read more »

Spartan Obstacle Race Training and Techniques Part 1

Coach Corinne creates a killer workout for you to train effectively for the Spartan races or other obstacle course races. Workouts include monkey bars technique, rope climbing technique, kettle bell exercises, grip... Read more »

Health is Wealth Fitness Challenge

1st week of the fitness challenge run by Charge fitness will be complete tomorrow. I have to say that I am very pleased with the training provided too. I see myself staying... Read more »