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Spartan Up! Sign up now: http://spartan.com Spartan Race training is about more than teaching you how to conquer obstacles. It’s about becoming in tune with your whole body to conquer obstacles in... Read more »

Race Day Clothing| OCR Preparation | Vermont Spartan Beast 2018

Discussing the race day clothes I wear at every obstacle course event and why. As the Boston Spartan Super and Vermont Spartan Beast get closer, I thought this was an ideal time... Read more »
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1 week out from SPARTAN Race + How to bake a sweet potato in 5-minutes!

One of my last training sessions before hitting the Spartan Ultra! Spartan Ultra is the biggest Spartan Race available, 50km’s of terrain with 60+ obstacles. I can’t wait. The food at the... Read more »


⬇Get Your Free Training Resources Here⬇ http://bit.ly/AnimeTrainerResources I took part in the 2018 Spartan Super race that was hosted near Atlanta this year. I had already done the Sprint this year, and... Read more »

Spartan Race Sprint 2018 (All Obstacles)

Spartan Race Sprint 2018 (All Obstacles). Tri State NY 2018. Spartan Race Tuxedo NY – all obstacles. Tri-State Weekend, June 2, 2018. Run by Mack and Damer of OCR Kings. Don’t forget... Read more »

Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles)

Spartan Race Sprint 2019 (All Obstacles). Spartan Race Jacksonville FL – all obstacles, Feb 24 2019. Run by Mack and Damer of OCR Kings. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! Train hard and have... Read more »