Active Recovery Workout Routine. Do this on Rest Days To Come Back Stronger In the Gym.


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Your body needs time to rest in between exercise sessions so that it can repair itself properly—and come back stronger. Plus, if all your body gets is physical stress without rest, you can reach the point of diminishing returns, or the point at which more exercise doesn’t result in any more progress.

Rest days are an essential part of any well rounded fitness program. They help your body recover from workouts and allow you to come back stronger for your next. But if you’re a go-hard-at-every-workout kind of person (like me), or you just hate the idea of taking a day completely off from exercise (also me), it can be actually be HARD to take a rest day! Active recovery workouts let you get in some activity while giving your muscles and joints the rest they need to bounce back stronger than ever. By performing an active recovery workout on your rest day, you can give your body a day off while giving your mind a refreshing mental break from vigorous workouts.

How Often Should I Take an Active Recovery Day?

If you’re training more than five days per week, or you just hate the idea of taking a day completely off from exercise, consider subbing out one of your weekly workouts for an active recovery day. If you’re currently training three or four times per week, you can turn a couple of your “off” days into active recovery days to keep building strength and aerobic fitness even when you’re not working at your hardest. That being said, complete Netflix and chill rest days (as well as sleep) are a worthy part of your training routine, too. There’s nothing wrong with taking days off completely, so don’t forget to listen to your body and give it a break when it needs one.

Active Recovery Day Workout Routine Exercises

Standing breath with arms up and down
Side stretch reach
Side stretch with triceps stretch
Knee hug and change
Worlds greatest twist stretch
Achilles and ankle stretch
Spine twist
Thorasic mobility chest opener
Thread the needle hip stretch
90/90 hip and lat stretch
downward dog
low lung
Quad stretch

As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body and move mindfully. Modify exercises when needed.
when you start to take active recovery days and replenish your body with nourishing movement like the active recovery day workout routine above, you’ll start to see so many benefits in your performance and mindset!

Try to use this active recovery day workout 1-2 times per week in addition to your balanced fitness programming. If you need help designing a fitness and diet plan to see results, contact me for coaching here or join one of my fitness coaching programs! Together we are stronger and can do more, Id love to help you!
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  1. Thank you so much for this! Needed exactly this after being sick and not moving for a week! I was so stiff and sore….I will sleep better I am sure! Will be doing other videos!

  2. Yes I started watching you when I noticed your foot video you have pretty feet my question to you is after your workout do you put clean pair of socks and then just go hang out with your friends and then when you come home do your feet stink LOL for most people that have a foot fetish it’s the most peaceful fetish anyone can have but yet lot of people Market but I don’t care because feet women body parts is a gift from God and the scent is exactly what feet should smell like and yes you have very pretty feet love to see some close up foot workout videos

  3. Wow you’re amazing! I have to be honest, I felt like you were too much energy for me. However quickly through your video, I felt like I absorbed that energy and was feeling more positive and actually resting/healing my body. Thank you! Happy New Year to you!!!!

  4. I just found this while searching for a rest day workout. This was AMAZING! I feel so good right now! Thank you so much!

  5. Hi, I came across your video searching for active recovery after hitting the weights yesterday! I loved each movement and they really helped me to flush out my sore muscles and breathe. I liked your positive attitude and instruction. Just one piece of constructive criticism, is I was a little distracted by the frequency of the commentary. It felt good when I received the instruction, a comment or two to guide me through the movement but then I could not fully focus/connect b/c I was then pulled back into more commentary. Don’t be afraid of pauses, they might seem awkward but it allows your viewers to feel their own space through the movements. Overall I loved this video and will check out more. Thank you so much! Xoxo

  6. It’s actually a problem for me once I’m in a routine I don’t want to do nothing for a day so I end up doing cardio. I should just go for a walk and stretch though thanks for the tips 🙂

  7. This workout was exactly what I needed today. Many many thanks for sharing. Will definitely repeat that routine in my next rest day. Cheers.

  8. Caroline this was a great video! The stretching was so relaxing AND it is so nice to hear someone actually talk about what to do on an active recovery day! I am a routine type of person so the time I have made for fitness and workouts in my day feels so "wasted" on rest days if I don’t do anything at all- so thank you for giving us an active recovery day "workout"!!!

  9. Thank you Caroline. I needed this video, mentally and physically. Your words are so powerful and positive, thank you.

  10. I really enjoyed this. I have a hard time taking a day off and this made me feel like I accomplished something. Thank you.

  11. Thanks! I went hard the last 4 days and I really needed to take a day off and this active recovery is just what I needed. Oh, I’m a 34 year old man too!

  12. Absolutely loved this. After a hard work out day this felt amazing. This is going to become part of my rest day for a long time, Thank You!

  13. This is just what I needed today! Thank you! I always feel so much better after each of your videos. I discovered your videos in the fall after spraining my ankle, and your videos encouraged my spirit and kept me strong. I am grateful to have found your channel! You are a blessing!

  14. Was a bit hesitant at first about just doing this but am so glad I did! My sore muscles feel so much better and I feel so relaxed. It was also so encouraging to hear you say it’s ok to take a rest day. I was feeling guilty for not doing more. Thanks girl!!

  15. Mon-Sat my whole life revolves around being active. I’m a full time personal trainer 40hrs per week, I walk dogs 20hrs per week part time on my gaps, and I workout six days per week. Sunday is the only day I allow myself to be a lazy bum for the most part. I still get up Sun morning and do a 5 mile round trip walk to Starbucks for coffee. But the rest of the day I lay in bed fasting. LOL

  16. I am a runner and I like what you did. However, I would like to see some stretches for the calves; they get very tide when you run a lot.

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