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My name is Scott Young and the reason why I created this site is to encourage regular, average people (like myself), who want to be more fit to get off the couch and try something new.

Some of the obstacle course races you might have heard of include:


I used to play ultimate frisbee but a recurring knee injury forced me to find something more “knee friendly” and a good friend of mine introduced me to the world of obstacle course racing and now I’m hooked!

My workout regime mainly centered around doing workouts at home through Beachbody on Demand (80 Day Obsession, Morning Meltdown 100, P90X3 etc) and to mix it up I also go to a local “ninja” gym,  Through these workouts (and by being encouraged by friends) I did my first Mud Hero race followed by an X Warrior Challenge. I’m not going to lie, they both were tough but I had a blast.

If I can do it so can you.


In late 2019 Spartan Race looked to acquire Tough Mudder and in their press release the owners of Tough Mudder stated their global goal was to get 100 Million pople across the globe to get off the couch.

This is my way of helping them achieve that goal.

On this site you’ll find resources and encouragement to help you be the best version of you.

Let’s do this!

X Warrior Challenge Sprint 2019








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