7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK PROMISE!)

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The biggest mistake people make when they do their ab workout is they spend too much time doing it. Spending any more than 10 minutes training your abs is a colossal error since it is extremely unnecessary in order to see results. Your abs respond best to hard, intense exercises done for a short period of time but done consistently over the course of many days. In this video, I’m going to show you a 7 minute ab workout that proves all you need is intensity and not length for good abs.

This entire ab workout can be done on the floor without any equipment at all. It is going to cover all of the major functions of the ab muscles and incorporate other muscles of the core as well such as the obliques. The key is that you are going to move from one exercise to the next without resting. You earn one 30 second rest at the midpoint of the workout but that is it.

If you keep the exercises moving you never give your abs a chance to breathe, so to speak. You apply the intensity and then step on the gas throughout the rest of the workout. This allows the workout to stay difficult even if the individual ab exercises themselves are not the most challenging that you have performed.

This one starts with a bottom up movement (that also tends to incorporate a lot of rotation as well) and this is the figure 8. For the figure 8, you are literally doing what it says and moving your legs in the shape of an 8 laying on its side. This forces you to not blend two of the more challenging movement patterns into one exercise but does so when you are freshest and most capable of doing it uncompromised.

Next you move onto the long leg windshield wipers. If this is too difficult for you, you can shorten the moment arm and bend the legs rather than keeping them straight. This essentially lightens the load felt by the abs and allows you to perform the exercise if the long leg variation is too difficult to maintain for the entire 60 seconds.

This moves onto the twisting piston exercise. This is a plank variation but much more effective because of the dynamic nature of it. You not only have to have the strength to stabilize your body to avoid excessive movement here, but the plyometric aspect of the mini jumps, turns your core into a shock absorber as well and allows it to be much more functional at the same time.

Finally, a well deserved 30 second rest break.

Come out of the break and go right into the Starfish Crunch. This one is no joke! Keep both your arms and legs out wide as you perform this six pack exercise and twist to one side as you come up. This will be both a midrange and top down rotational movement, with the added benefit of hitting the oblique muscles as well.

Finally, finish with 2 minutes of rotational ab circles. This one is the easiest to perform, but since we saved it for last in the ab workout, will feel much more difficult (and effective). Make sure you give this complete ab workout a try and see how much more you can do in just 7 minutes if you are applying your ab training principles properly.

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  1. There’s a special place in hell for whoever came up with these starfish crunches. I hate that they’re in the other 6 pack shuffle vid as well.

  2. day 1: could not completely do everything. took frequent breaks through most excerices but did not quit. could not get shoulder blades off floor on last exercise

    day 2: harder than day one. took more breaks and couldn’t finish any exercise completely

    day 3: a TINY BIT easier than day 2 (which really doesn’t say much) couldn’t last as long as day 1 but longer than day 2. could get shoulder blades off floor a little bit at the beginning of the last exercise but after fatigue quickly set in, was very difficult

    day 4: rest

    day 5: completed the first exercise for the whole minute, the rest were still very difficult but I did the best I could. still can’t get shoulder blades off floor on last exercise

    day 6: almost completed first exercise but cut about the last 10s. felt most exercises in obliques more than usual (obliques activated more= getting stronger?) last exercises (left and right head turns) were better and could get shoulder blades off for about half of both exercises. I feel like my abs are getting stronger even though I’m still just as tired throughout the circuit. now you may ask "what does that means exactly?" well I have no clue

    day 7: cut first exercise by 10 seconds again. felt exercises in my hips (had leg day the day before; don’t know if that affects anything) could get any completely finished. the last head exercise on both sides was good, meaning I felt it and it’s gradually getting better in terms of duration

    day 8: break

    day 9: finished first exercise but the rest were more difficult than usual.. (day after Christmas so maybe that affected it XD)

    day 10: finished figure 8s and starfish crushes but couldn’t completely do the others. am able to fully get shoulder blades off floor on last exercise(s). noticed I can get up from being laid down w/I having to use legs

    day 11: I’ve noticed that my belly fat has shrunken since I started. during the exercises I can feel my abs more and less fat. completely finished the first exercise, but the windshield wipers were hard (leg day yesterday so my hips were being activated. any tips for this?) other than that, everything was normal aka very hard

    day 12: got through first exercise. second and third weren’t as hard as before but I still couldn’t finish either. I’m starting to feel a difference in regards to core strength

    day 13: break

    day 14: got through first exercise and drunk guy exercise all the way. windshields were slightly easier (meaning I got more done but still couldn’t finish) both plank based exercises are still kicking my ass and the last head exercises are still hard

    day 15: figure 8s and stafish 👌🏽 windshields took a break halfway trough and finished the last 10 seconds. both planks were hard and head exercises as well

    day 16: rest

    day 17: hard

    day 18: rest

    day 19: rest

    day 20:

  3. 3RD TIME DOING THIS – FIRST TIME TOTALLY COMPLETED NON STOP – This is a killer, but I’m getting stronger. Not the traditional leg lift ab crunch stuff I was doing before. Eating lots of veggies, clean proteins, water and Propel. I’m sticking to it!

  4. Hi I am getting back pain after doing each exercise maybe 5 count. Then in have to take a 2 sec brake. Is that normal ?

  5. Hey guyz. 4 squareish shapes showed up on my belly.. Im just wondering how many sets of this a day should I do to add more.. intenccity

  6. its unfair, you can still talk while doing these exercises. I can barely breath doing these. Im going to go look in the mirror to see if my abs are showing yet.

  7. The thing is their are so many different abs exercises that I like so I’ll spend 20 to 30 mins on my abs doing different varieties

  8. So last year I lost 4 stone in 5 months following HIIT cardio then transferred into gym weight training. Completely new to the gym in 6 month went from not benching anything to 80kg 1RM squat at 120KG 1RM and deadlifts at 150kg x3 this year I want to get absolutely shredded and hit that 100KG bench.

    for anyone getting into losing weight my no1 advice would to set off slowly and work your way up to bigger and longer exercise sessions, keeping it consistent. No2 advice would be Cut The Crap! Stop eating snacks and actually change your diet for the better changing diet was definitely one of the reasons I lost weight so fast

    Love the vids keep them coming!

  9. I initially thought the dog @ 5:08 was a heavy metal scream added in the background music 😂 fits pretty well into the song. You’re the best Jeff thanks for these incredibly motivational and helpful videos 👌🏻👍🏻💪🏻 Soon I’ll be able to talk as much as you when doing this training 😅

  10. 6th TIME DOING THIS – Still a killer, but getting through the whole thing. My waist is getting smaller and my abs are showing more on the bottom half…

  11. 8TH TIME DOING THIS : Got stronger, but this is still hard. Seeing my lower and upper abs along with my serratus muscles and it’s caged in! I think with a little more diligence on diet it should start looking even better!

  12. Love this one Jeff! Effective but didn’t feel it as much as the last..do you have these on your programs beaxst program?

  13. Thought I’ve been killing the starfish crunches for weeks now. Happened to take a peek at the video since I usually listen along and see that he’s got his legs off the ground the whole time. GOD DAMNIT JEFF

  14. Could we get one for the out of shape middle aged men please. I’m out of breath and sore just watching this Jeff

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