2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

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Big thick traps are a sign of a well developed, muscular physique on a man. To build big traps, guys will often resort to classic barbell shrugs as their main exercise to achieve this. The problem is, this exercise alone will not cut it especially if you have wider shoulders and a longer neck. If you want to develop the traps and get them to stand up more you will have to train them with more direct work that places the traps in their proper alignment.

In this video, I show you a traps exercise you can use to build bigger, thicker traps with either a cable machine or a resistance band if you are training at home. Traps workouts can all be made instantly better by incorporating this move into your trap exercise options.

To perform this first traps exercise you want to anchor a resistance band low to something sturdy or grab hold of a cable handle that is positioned low to the ground. Position your body at a ninety degree angle to the machine or band. Allow the weight to pull your arm away from the side of your body forty five degrees (you may have to take a few steps away from the machine to get this to happen). From here, you want to simultaneously pull your shoulder towards your ear and then back as you turn your torso towards the machine.

The middle traps will retract your shoulder blades together as they should while still elevating your shoulders via the upper traps. Hold for a tight contraction or squeeze at the top and then slowly lower back down. Repeat for as many reps as you can to failure, making sure to load up the weight so that you can’t do more than 20 or 30 reps in any one set.

The next move will help you to build your lower traps more. Lower trap development is key to providing stability to your shoulder girdle. When the lower traps become weak, you lose control of your scapula and lack stability needed for proper scapulothoracic stability during overhead arm elevation. This can lead to lots of injuries or issues with performing other overhead lifts like the shoulder press and snatch.

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About the Author: Scott Young


  1. This was helpful. I’ve always wanted the biggest ass traps and now I have the tools to get big ass traps. Thanks for giving me big ass trap tips, Jeff!

  2. Ty brother I’m
    Going to try these tomorrow on trap day let you know what I think
    They look like they gave serious potential would you recommend them before are towards end of trap work out

  3. I tell everyone at the gym to just search athlean x and whatever their issue is and Jeff has the best fix video for it all. Hands down the best trainer on here

  4. Great videos. Re: lower/mid trap plate raise: Audio not clear or you were puffing, for trap vid above, raising plate from top of incline bench, did you say to go for high reps? Or did you mean low/ mid reps, I heard you say to failure though. Thanks.

  5. How about just telling people to stop the downward portion of the rep when their arms are at a 90% angle to the body. Then show what you’re talking about. Using a bench to stop the weight looks amateur on your part. I like your videos – this is the first time I’ve offered constructive criticism. That’s all it is. Keep up the good work.

  6. I just had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder the supraspinatus and subscapularis what are good exercises to do

  7. My coach says that your rotating version of the shrug is useless. But I’m only sad because i didn’t discover your channel one year ago, when i started to train. I did all the time the classic shrug movement and i developed my traps only a little. I felt the exercise every time on the elevator of the scapula. Now I’m doing this type of shrug that you showed, and I feel it activating the trap A LOT better than before. I really started to develop my traps thanks to you

  8. Dude! Thank you so much for this video. i have tried every trap machine known to man and could never target the exact spot I wanted. I tried this yesterday for the first time and I can actually feel it where i should. Thank you again.

  9. Wow… was I ever doing this wrong. There goes a month down the drain lol appreciate the video dude. I’ll try this next workout.

  10. Jeff you are in peak condition, your every muscle can been seen craved into the skin. Your neck is easily visible while your built trap muscles hover like wings. Thanks for being a great remodel.

  11. Hi Jeff I am a bulky guy and I need to tone up my body as per BMI I have 20 kg excess fat in my body. My biceps are not shaping up not sure what am doing wrong

  12. This is why I love Athlean X because he explains not just the workout but the science behind the workout an muscle use ❤️❤️❤️ glad i subscribe long time ago an is on the road to a better me!

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