1 week out from SPARTAN Race + How to bake a sweet potato in 5-minutes!

One of my last training sessions before hitting the Spartan Ultra! Spartan Ultra is the biggest Spartan Race available, 50km’s of terrain with 60+ obstacles. I can’t wait.

The food at the end of the video is inline with my nutrition protocols. I try to stick to whole foods with plenty of protein and nutrients.

Fish is high in protein and great oils. Greens and vegetables are great for their nutrient counts. Avocado and olive oil are both high in healthy fats. All of these combine in a way to help me perform at my best.

My body is my canvas. I’ve experimented with plenty of ways of eating in the past and I’ve found what suits me.

1. Beginning of the preparation: https://youtu.be/0YUxK6g3U2M
2. Spartan training getting me jacked: https://youtu.be/v3UbklZAdbQ
3. Training and eating 2-weeks out: https://youtu.be/GYzXJgS_p-4
4. Training and eating 1-week out (this one): https://youtu.be/04HX2zgQNXE
5. Gear we bought for the race: https://youtu.be/EDOaQLm29SU
6. Race Video: https://youtu.be/tiL7Y0iJmSg

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  1. I liked the healthy cooking lesson at the end. I am wondering if it would be possible to train a AI to predict the calories of a given dish given its picture. That would make calorie counting a lot easier. You just take a picture of everything you consume and it does the calorie counting for you. Are you going record the spartan race itself?

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